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Tennis Tips

Hit Better Return of Serves In Order To Improve Your Doubles Game

Arguably the hardest shot to hit when you are playing doubles is the return of serve.  If you are playing against a server who likes to follow their serve to the net, the most important part is to keep the return low.  If possible, to hit a better return of serve is to hit the ball low as well as away from the net person.  If you are playing against a server who likes to stay back on their serve, keeping it low is still the best option as it if you don’t happen to steer it away from the net person, they will have a hard time hitting a winner off of your low return.

The ideal place to hit a return against a player who follows their serve to the net is at their feet.  By doing this, it neutralizes the point by making your opponent have to hit a low volley.  Along the same lines, if you play against a player that stays back on their serve, keeping the return low forces the server to come to the net where they most likely don’t want to be in the first place .

When hitting the return of serve, keeping the mechanics simple by thinking “short and sweet”, keeping the backswing short and hit it on the sweet spot of the racquet, aids in keeping the return of serve low.  Remember, think low and by doing that, the chances of winning more return of serve points increase.