Meet the Instructors

  • Sharon DelucaSharon DeLuca
    Fitness Instructor


    Having been a competitive bodybuilder and a corrective exercise specialist I strive to bring balance to the body by softening what is tight and strengthening what is weak. I love to research things about the body, how it works physically, what foods affect it and how; herbal remedies, and how your personal energy and positivity or negativity and stress levels affect your body..and those around you!

    I love to share all of my knowledge and my experience as well as new research I find and information from experts in holistic practices. I am a Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a great cook and I know the struggle. I’ve had the crazy job with the awful hours, I’ve gotten in amazing shape while raising a small child and a teenager...and experienced how my body has changed as I’ve aged. I’ve also seen how different foods affected my body by using them together. I use herbs and food to heal myself and most importantly I use my MIND to heal my body and my spirit, and my life... And so can you. It’s small shifts and they have an enormous impact. I am skilled at finding ways to make healthy changes fit your long as you’ll meet me halfway. Join me for yoga and see what bringing your body into balance does for you.